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Jk Xpress Courier services have been used for centuries. In its earliest form, a courier service relied on messengers to deliver telegrams and other messages by foot, horse, or bicycle.Courier services became an increased necessity because businesses needed to ship items from one location to another.

The delivery status and notification system has being tested for the need of company running simultaneously e-courier services this is specially meant for their frontline user service information. This is one of the best efforts by us to prove that how Internet can be helpful in tire service industry. Where inquiries are always in queue. This system however is a snap shot of the whole scenario for the booming service industry. This basically deals with the queries of user for a company simultaneously running its e-courier service where the users having booked some couriers or both for delivery can view the status online about where there booked courier. How much more time it will take to reach the place, and whether received it in original state. And many other queries such as the reason of blockage, queries with the user care officers regarding handling etc. there is a user satisfaction guest book where user should put some notes about our service user complaint register.

A courier service provides door to door shipping and delivery of packages, letters, and other shipments. Courier services range from local to international. As you consider how to select a courier service, look at your shipping needs. Do you typically ship locally or internationally? Do you ship in bulk or infrequently? Do you regularly require overnight or express shipping? If you can answer these simple questions, it will help you select a more appropriate courier service for your business needs. While typical mail and shipping solutions work well for many companies, a courier service may be a more economical, convenient and practical option for other companies Courier services can make shipping packages of all sizes easy. Convenient online interfaces, automated billing and more make courier services an ideal option for many businesses. With some simple tips and tricks, you can figure out how to select a courier service that best suits your needs. Courier services typically offer delivery guarantees, insurance coverage on your shipment, and other helpful features. The ability to easily schedule pickups can be convenient and save time and trouble. Courier services can also offer timely delivery of your packages whether you require same day, express or overnight shipping. A consistent relationship with a courier service can make shipping an easy part of business. A good quality, easy to use courier service can make your customer and client transactions go smoothly